Holding Onto Each Other

Hello! I’m Melissa Brooke. Earnestly creating, humbly learning, and eagerly making moves toward feeling more inspired, empowered, and grounded. After trading my cubicle for my yoga mat full-time, I’m embracing this radical shift (in all its beauty and awkwardness) and would love for you to join me. After being a teacher in multiple capacities, I was hungry to share what it seemed we all need – space. A little slice of freedom to listen to our breath and move our bodies, taking the time to learn about ourselves – what we want, what we live for, what we treasure.

Yoga has given me the avenue and the tools to do just that, and I am thrilled to share that with you.

Together, I believe we can find radical, conscious self-care and enjoy its ability to not only heal our scars and confusions but to feed the relationships we treasure most. I believe we can find the courage to be vulnerable and honest, especially with ourselves, trusting our ability to sit with our feelings, respond compassionately, and learn as we go.

Honoring all we’ve overcome, all we will become, and all we are today.